The Little Gideon

Being the little one seems having many disadvantage. First at all, every one ate home may take advance of him. Second everyone wants to spoil him most of the time. These two activities may produce a problem in our life if we don't learn to handle them. When Esau and Jacob, the twins were born, … Sigue leyendo The Little Gideon

Blinking Red Light

Waiting in a hospital room, not knowing what will happens just the faith and the hopes that comes from the Bible. Seating in front of a window, level 6, the day was cloudy, and at night the traffic is clear. From a distance I can see a red blinking light and it seems to me … Sigue leyendo Blinking Red Light

Minor Problem (Galatians 4:1-3 MSG)

I want to drive a car, I want to go places, I want my own apartment, ,make my own decisions , I want the freedom of doing what I want! His mom answers was, yes baby when you grow, but for now you still a minor under tutoring on everything until then, you can't use … Sigue leyendo Minor Problem (Galatians 4:1-3 MSG)