Is it True?

Then they started spreading rumors and saying, “We won't be able to grow anything in that soil. And the people are like giants. (Numbers 13:32 CEVUK00) When the people of Israel were so close to one of the major victories in their journey, Moses sent spies to recognize the land and to have an idea … Sigue leyendo Is it True?

Redirect Yourself

Redirect Yourself January is almost over, all the exciment and the wishes for this year are over, is time to focus in our plans to be able to move forward and achieve the goals we planned or wish for. The definition according to Bing Ductionary for redirect is change focus: to focus actions or activities … Sigue leyendo Redirect Yourself

In the beginning, God…

In the beginning, God... In Genesis chapter 1 we read this short expression that shows the whole idea of the creation. Without God, there was, nor is or ever will be a new beginning. Everything we see, hear or sense comes from a superior mind. The fact that we find something and we can't explain … Sigue leyendo In the beginning, God…


It was snowing, the fire was on and the smell of the hot chocolate on the stove was the scent in the house. Jenny enters running and jumping, it's Christmas, repeating over and over, at her 6 years, celebrating her expectations ahead of time. Her mom was getting ready for the wonderful night to come; … Sigue leyendo Surprise!

Blinking Red Light

Waiting in a hospital room, not knowing what will happens just the faith and the hopes that comes from the Bible. Seating in front of a window, level 6, the day was cloudy, and at night the traffic is clear. From a distance I can see a red blinking light and it seems to me … Sigue leyendo Blinking Red Light