Is the most wonderful time of the year, yet is the most nostalgic time of the year as well. Tons of memory moments reminded by all the typical vibe of the season. Candle lights, Christmas trees, wonderful scents all around creates an amazing ambience but in the mind of grown ups missing people and nostalgic moments. For some Christmas times has become a sad moment especially for those who lost a loved one around those days and even worse for the ones lost specifically in the Christmas Day.

There are no words for consolation when a loved one departs, the sadness of separation is imminent and the inner pain deeper. I just want to send my sympathy for those living that moment now as I lived it by years. One of the things that has helped me to cope with such a feeling is by talking about my loved ones in a good way. The good things they did with me and for me. The great opportunities we took to enjoy moments together.

I remember the good Christmas times we had in our house even without presents or great meals, the love over the table was enough to have a merry Christmas. So that memory makes me try better to give my alive loved ones a better times because life still happening and we must take all the opportunities we have to enjoy together the moments we have left to live it.

Enjoy the best you can this December and enjoy your family.

Merry Christmas

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