We struggle with many issues, problems, circumstances, but most of all with memories of bad moments, especially when someone had done something that did hurt us deep inside and that made us to change the story of our lives.

You wake up sometimes thinking over it and live that day remembering and when is night you still thinking about it how can we manage to avoid that those memories not only could control our emotions but at the same time consume so much of our present time by being stuck in that way of thinking.

We all know that the mind is powerful. Every aspect of life is perceived by our mind as negative or positive. We tend to see always the bad things that happened to us instead of what was good left to keep living.

The hardest prison to escape is in your mind. Unknown

It has been said that whatever we believe in our mind that’s how it will be, if we think we can or we can’t, that’s how it is. Even we know the mind is not capable to achieve much without the help of the will and the body, it has the power to command and persist until something happens.

 Do you remember those days as a child when you had many challenges and yes you did it? You learned to speak, walk, run, write, read etc. None of that we knew it but we were able to achieve success and amazingly we were not even thinking if we could, why? Because we were not focusing on the results only in the fun doing it, even we didn’t realize that we were learning anything.

So when it comes to the memories, we must learn how to manage those times storage in our brains to not let them control our emotions that will lead to words or actions.

We must understand something: the mind is very connected to the emotions and feelings including the senses. We hear something unknown in the middle of a night and many times we are scared by something we have no idea and that fear produced by the unknown lead us to makes us run away or be paralyzed or be ready to defend ourselves. So our mind is lead by emotions and the senses, that’s where faith comes in place because we believe or not believe what we heard many times based in our logic or experience about what we hear about.

Faith is the substance of the unseen, the assurance of what we expect. Hebrews 11:1

Now let’s analyze this verse in the practical way of living. We basically believe what we hear or see or imagine by our senses. If faith is the substance that means that faith is just the beginning of something not touchable or materialized to be able to see it That substance has all the elements to produce what’s inside sort of speak just like a seed. We can’t know how many apples or oranges are already in the seed but it has the power to produce many of itself if only it is planted in the right field, right time and feed properly to be able to grow, be a tree then the fruit. As we already know by experience that process takes time. The faith operates the same way a true, a factor even a lie has to be accepted in the mind and when it is accepted that’s that stage parallel to a seed being planted. 

Now, we may believe that something maybe truth or a lie but that what we believe has to be feed in our mind to allow that, what we believe again, truth or lie, to grow and then bear fruit. The growing process of what we believe is parallel to a tree growing, and is reflected in our emotions. So if we feel sad, angry, frustrated it is because in our mind that seed it is being nurtured and it has to be pulled out to avoid to grow to the point where the fruit or works of the flesh will be manifested in actions or words.

In the book of Genesis, we find Cain being under the stage of bitterns because he didn’t get the results he expected. In the process God wanted to help him but he rejected the most precise help for his anger and frustration, God spoke to him and said: If you do good you will be rewarded (not necessarily by God but by the law of sowing and reaping) but if you don’t then sin it is at the door, in other words, the fruit of anger will show by you making a decision-based in your feelings.

In Psalms 103 we find this expresión and truth:

“Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭103:5‬ ‭KJV‬‬

God satisfied our mouth with good things or good words so we renew ourselves. Let me tell you about His formula to defeat depresión and stress, speak the promises of God, repeat His word not in your mind only but let it passes by your mouth and what happens is that your ears hears and sends the information to your mind and if the mind believe it then your soul would be feed by that seed of life you planting in yourself.

As Cain we have the opportunity to change our mind by hearing the word of God, positives thoughts, of life and restoration, and I am speaking about the peace in our soul rather than solving our problems, the number one in priority is to have peace because with peace of mind we can think clearly and as a consequence our words and action would change and in our mind we will have the control of ourselves leading and being guided by the Word of God.

I encourage you today to practice His goodness in your mouth and all your being will be renew it. God Bless you.

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