I had the opportunity to be at #MegaFest2017 in the beautiful city of Dallas Texas. Many pastors and leaders attended to worship The Lord and to be fed by the word of God.

Many dedicated servants of God in one place with the purpose of enriching our spirits to testify in a more efficient ways of the glory of God. As we arrived at the first amazing meeting of Man Power at the convention center in Dallas, Texas, I’ve notice how much hungry we as a men are of hear something that can infuse us to another level of understanding which would lead us to a new level of actions and that as a chain of reaction will lead to another level of results, we all were getting inside the arena to get the closest possible as if by getting closer to the speaker the blessing would be greater.

That blessed my heart to see many men all races, sizes, from many places, getting in one place with one whole purpose to hear the Word of God so our faith can increase to do greater things.

I’ve purchased my ticket with preference seat which allowed me to be seated in the third group section of chairs close to the stage where the worship band was performing and where the preacher was about to share and deliver a message to our spirits. I’ve have from experience that the one that is closer to the one who speaks it is more likely to be focus because of their fewer distractions, I also know that when someone is really motivated and interested in something there is no barred or wall that would stop him from trying to accomplish his goals.

So as the event was about to start one of the ushers called us to move to the second group of chairs closer to the stage, I was so blessed because just minutes before that I’ve said to someone: we just want to move to another level.

Now we were closer and we were able to hear and also see the eyes of the preacher, I’ve felt favor was upon us and when I was feeling that, someone came from behind and whispered in our ears: I see favor here, yes! Grace was applied to us to be inside of a placed that were not prepared for us but that now we can enjoy it as if we paid the price to have the right to be there.

Now the day after we arrived a bit earlier than the first day, we sat again in the third group of chairs as we really deserved for the price we’ve paid but again someone came to offered to move us to the second row of chairs right in front of the preacher, what an awesome opportunity presented to us but the problem was that we didn’t qualify for this favor for a simple reason: we had our luggage with us and the seats were prepared for persons only and not much room for anything else, so even we received an offer of a gift we couldn’t accept it because we were not in the condition required in order to accept the gift: grace.

I would like to share the truth of men being rescued from his sins by the grace of God, which the only act it demands it is to repent and confess that Jesus came in flesh, that He is the son of God and the gift for that act it is full redemption that allows men to be called sons of God.

Now this grace is not requesting fully obedience to the 10 Commandments but obedience to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we couldn’t receive that gift to move to a not deserved position so is the man who wants to add his own works to the salvation already made done, him who is trying to prove why he deserves the gift, remember the favor or gift is not deserved but accepted. Receive Christ today, confess that He came on flesh and that He has resurrected and let God write your name in the book of life. Amen.

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