Without Faith 

Without Faith, it is impossible to please God. Every single man or woman that had found the grace of God, has been through faith. Take for instance the first man, after he disobeyed the commandment of God by eating a fruit, he heard that if he did it, he surely would die. As soon as he heard the voice of God, Adam hide from the presence of God, which it’s impossible as please him, but in his mind, he taught he could do it. Now God called him up, and Adam said, I am afraid of you.

Adam was trying to escape from the consequences but he was taking the wrong direction because the only way he could do it that was by grace only, and that grace can be received only by faith. Adam finally came out to show himself who was now, a sinful man covering himself with the leaves of his own ideas, but God took those leaves and covered him with the skin of an innocent replacement.

That step of faith by coming out saved Adam and gave him the opportunity to live once again under the Grace of God to finally received eternal life without sin. Amen.

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