Rich Homeless

I was driving today by the beautiful city of Long Beach, California, it was a cloudy day, a very nice day, while suddenly I saw at one of the corners, one couch, rusty, dirty, brown by the way, and seating, a homeless man, or at least that appeared to me, dirty clothes, no shaved and it seemed that he hadn’t been in a shower for some days, but he was with sunglasses, seating crossing legs, and smoking a cigarette. Then this title came to my mind, homeless like a rich.

I was driving with a passenger in my car and he said to me: the homeless in the USA, are rich homeless compared to the ones in some other countries. I reply what do you mean? And he said, I am from the Philippines and the homeless over there are in much need as probably in some other countries around the world. When I was left alone again in my car, I started to think, how true is that there is always someone that is under worse circumstances, and we tend to focus on our problems, and yes it is the very normal way to do but when we realize there are more around us in more need than us, we have to face the challenge to help other ones, even in the middle of our own difficult times. It remind me of Jesus when he said:

35 In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ Acts 20:35 NIV

How many times we tend not to help with the excuse that we don’t have, but in reality, we always can help in any way to the one who is closer to us, our neighbor. Around our lives, there is always somebody struggling more than us, and even it is very true, we can’t resolve the problems completely of no one, even our own, by giving a little hand, we are giving some hope to the ones we help. It could be some rice, beans, bread, clothes; we can make a big list, but the most important element that proves of love. Many people are living hungry for love, but not words, actions that touch the heart in such a way that whoever receives it has the opportunity to change.

When I saw this man, seating in this couch, he seemed if not happy, content by the fact that he had a place where to seat, and also sunglasses, a cigarette, just like a rich man, not his possessions but his moment. I dare you to ask yourself, at this very moment whoever you are, what is your moment now? Do you have more than this man? Can you enjoy what you have? Do you think you can help someone with what you still have? Believe me, if you do that you will experience a level of joy that is never found in money or another kind of possessions, or experiences. Love someone for real; actions, and you will definitely make an impact on someone.

God bless you.

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