Humbleness in a Crisis

Life is a sequence of events, some of them bring joy, some sadness, some challenges, one aspect of life we all experience is that life is unexpected. We prepare many times for success, for victory or win something, but most of the times we are not prepared for failing, loosing or be defeated. How is it possible to be ready for the unexpected? In my life as, I am sure in many others has been many moments of distress where preparation was in action after the event occurred, which of course was out of logical order and it seemed we had done what was first, last. In The Bible is the beautiful story of Ruth, a woman from Moab, rejected, unaccepted, an immigrant who grew up under a curse.

She got married to a man who seemed to have a secure future, but sadly he died, leaving her as widow with no kids and no inheritance. At that moment was late to think in preparation to be a widow, the event arrived before been ready as many of us had happened.

The crisis arrived and actions were needed to be taken. She was offered by her mother in law, to go back with her own family, parents, and land sounds like a friendly deportation to send her back to her land, to which she didn’t accept it, but rather changed her mind and attitude. She made the decision to work harder than before, was willing to be an example, a role model or humble heart, being supportive with her mother in law, go to work and with no salary. Now that we living this time of crisis, and many are in the line of deportation, let’s be kind and embrace those who cry and living in fear to remind them,  there is God who never forgets those who love Him. In a crisis Ruth made decisions, first a declaration: Your God will be my God. She put God first. Second, she said: your land will be my land.

A commitment to respect the laws of the land. Third: where you die, I will die, a life commitment and last but not least, willing to work hard and develop what was given to her, an opportunity with an appearance of crisis, she worked for her and her mother in law, action who revealed her kind heart. In a Crisis show your kind heart, be willing to share, like someone said: the richest person is the one who gives more not the one who has more. God bless and be kind, that could open that door that has been closed to you. Amen.

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