This is a good day!

Have you considered that this is a good day? Maybe is not what you expected or planned for, and maybe there is some pain in it, but still, a good day because the day has been made for you to rejoice over one fact, God still loves you! Now for us to understand this kind and unique love that has been told, we must understand the nature of this love.

  1. This love is eternal. We tend to earthly this love to make it understandable but since this love is eternal we cant comprehend when did start and how persists to love us, and the fact that it is eternal tells us that love will never cease or decrease.
  2. This love is never selfish. We must accept that God wants us to be with Him all the time, in real time, His time. Now if you had the power to have someone that you loved so much that gave your only son to you, wouldn’t you take that person with you immediately? Of course, you would, especially if you love this unselfish love to benefit the one you love. But there is another fact to consider,  you would want this person to love you as you are and would want this person to be with you forever. With this being said, then we come to another fact, God is holy and He wants those who love him be holy as Him and in order for us to be with Him, we must first learn how bad and painful it is living without Him.
  3. This love is more interested and who we are than what we have. In our years of being a kid, we probably learned that love gives but we understood love receives since we felt love when someone gave something to us and of course deeper love if we received what we wanted, but really love is the one that forced us to be a better human. That was the reason if you remember from our parents to discipline us for a better us. So God loves us so deeply that He doesn’t want us just to be better, but perfect for His only son Jesus.

Now we must accept that since He loves us, He won’t take us with Him before time, but in His perfect time to be with Him forever in perfection and whatever you experiencing in this day, still good, since you love Him, all works for good to be as His son, eternally. God bless you.

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