In the beginning, God.

In Genesis chapter 1 we read this short expression that shows the whole idea of the creation. Without God, there was, nor is or ever will be a new beginning. Everything we see, hear or sense comes from a superior mind. The fact that we find something and we can’t explain it, reveals that our mind is inferior to the creation, either material or spiritual. We see many things that for the most of us is unknown. For instance we know a little bit about the micro world, except those that study for that matters and beyond them the geniuses that had discover many things like Luois Pateur. Or we can mention the greatest mind of Albert Einstein, for him many things were clear, still many more things he didn’t have any idea that existed, less understand. So we have to agree that if even Einstein didnt knew everything or explain everything then his mind was inferior to the one who created the whole things. So when we read in the beginning God, we know that there was God, the force and the hand and the word that did ordain all things to come visible. Every beginning that begins with God, has an order of priorities. First is first. Maybe that’s why we have many conflicts and problems in life, because we live always seeking what is last to have first. If you notice, the kids they want to grow fast, if you remember when you were teen we wanted to be 18 fast, to have freedom and liberty to do what we wanted, but responsibility? We would put that at last. Remember doing homework at last! What about brushing your teeth, almost when you were going to bed, if not leave it for tomorrow. We are so trained to seek the easy first and expect a miracle with the difficult things in life, but the truth is that whatever starts with an established order and solid foundations it is destined to succed. Rearrange yourself, move your priorities and let The One that was at the beginning guide you to your new journey of new orders, God first, His kingdom, then the rest.  Pastor Diego.

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