The Ultimate Challenge

When I worked as truck driver had my daily run from Victorville, CA to Las Vegas, NV. It was a fun trip most of the times and many times I had to drive from Victorville to Lucerne Valley to get my truck loaded with powder cement. Every time I went that way after getting loaded I stopped at this mini market before driving on that lonely highway 47 all the way up to Barstow, CA. My almost a must stop there was for supplying me with some goodies like soda, code, chips, gums and bread for my day. I would never forget one day I came into the store for my regular stuff for the day and I was having a bad day.

First the truck had a flat tire and that delayed me from starting early as I wanted all the time, to get home early. But this day was going slow, it took double time to get loaded that day and in my mind had a revolution of thoughts, like: Would I be able to come back on time to see my family? Would the manager who will receive the load be ready so it won’t make my day longer? How the traffic would be? Will any other tire get flat on the road? Will I be able to pay the mortgage? Would my kids make it to college? and so fort.

So I was so worry and consumed by many thoughts and I approached the cashier, she was smiling but because for me wasn’t good enough, I faked a smiled and said:
~ Good morning ~ it was almost eleven in the morning.
– Good morning, still – the lady responded without looking at me.

Suddenly I notice that behind me, there he was, and old man with an elegant hat, baton and his faded blue color jacket, buying two pieces of bread and a drink. He made me change a bit my mood and I spoke to him very politely and said:

– How is your day sir?
He lift his face and looked at me thru his glasses and said.
– Trying to accomplish my ultimate challenge.

I looked at him wondering what was he talking about and I added:

-What’s that sir?
– Be able to make it one more day.

His answer blow my anger away, my mood was set back to how it suppose to be, thankful for having one more day to live. I would never forget the encounter with the man at his ultimate challenge, make it one more day. Since that day I try to remember all the time that no matter what I am living, happiness or sorrows, it may be just one more day. Remember that while we struggling to accomplish dreams in life there are many with only one dream, to live one more day. God bless you.

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