Ravens Whispering

Never imagined that ravens has so much to learn from. I grew up in Guatemala, surrounded by many trees and birds, places full of kind of fruits and vegetables. I used to go to special farms or to the river just to have fun. Part of that fun was with many of my friends to scared away squirrels, lizards, snakes, and birds. I’ve seen many kind of birds before, but never something like ravens. The first time i saw one it really scared me, so big, so intimidating and the sound didn’t please the ear at all but, they wont change, its part of their nature.

We were living in Orange County with my family, my wife and my 2 kids, and we were having some difficulties as family and thank God we were able to endure and stick together. For that reason at that time we moved to Hesperia, CA. We bought a property in the middle of the dry desert. I kind of like that land, where many animals live around, like coyotes, snakes, rabbits and many birds, but they where, there as my neighbors, the ravens. Black, some times they looked like blue dark and a big size. As A truck driver, that was my job, I used to go to work from early morning, some times even started at midnight and normally I used to see them just on the road, while I was driving. I saw them many times flying in the same direction as I was driving, some other times in opposite direction, some times just standing over fences, roofs, trees, cactus, always looking for food. Most of the time I used to come home so tired, with no desires to do much, after driving many hours and basically doing the same thing.
At the same time, or in the same season I was serving in a church as Bible teacher every sunday, used to drive from Victorville to Whittier, California every Sunday to deliver my class. It was a weekly routine where all seemed to be like that was it. I studied as I could, and as I knew, in my own ways, even some human designed strategies of studying the Bible, they are really good, but when it comes to the truth, the divine truth, it can be only receive as revelation by the Author.

I felt in a way satisfied with what I was doing, but I wont deny it, I wanted something else. I still remember as if it was yesterday, literally, that I was going to Las Vegas, driving the truck and a raven just called my attention so much, I couldn’t keep driving and I stopped the truck. I heard this whisper of this sweet and firm voice, telling me, consider the ravens, they don’t sow, they don’t have storages to save for later, and yet they eat every day, because my Father feeds them. It did hit my mind to this popular Bible verse in King James Bible version
King James 2000 Bible (©2003)
Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them: how much more are you better than the fowls?

At that moment I felt like God was literally talking to me in that very moment and after many years after that, i know that was God and still teaching me to know Him better and to testify about Him and His love in a better way. That was the beginning of a journey that until today I still walking with no desire to stop at all, God never cease in blessing me, more and more.

After I stopped the truck I just stood by the passenger door, it was almost sunset, and it may sound like so romantic but it wasn’t, this raven was making this noise so loud but not moving, at all, from a considerable distance and I started to wonder, what in the world is this raven doing here in the middle of nowhere. There were not even bushes, I thought maybe he is waiting for some little animal to show up so he may eat it but nothing at all. Then the whisper sounded louder in me, saying, thats your problem. I closed my eyes and started to think what problem? An asnwer came as a light, that you waste so much time observing what the others are doing instead of focusing in your life. That made my tears to come out, and I went back to the truck with this shocking truth: unless you start focusing in the changes you need to do and stop worrying about what the others, you think, they have to change, you will never achieve anything.
I started the truck’s engine and I still overlooked to the ravens and to my surprise he didn’t even notice me, or care what I was feeling of doing at all. That day, something changed in my heart, I sensed God is so real, so close and I heard His whisper in mi, saying I want to talk to you, do you want to talk to me? I was crying, all this kind like conversation was taking place in my mind, I said yes, and again the whisper, turn off the radio. I argue in my mind, wait it’s a christian radio, but even to that, I knew that God wanted me to turn everything off so I would hear what He had to say.
The purpose of this book will be to share with you many of this blessings that in a way I believe will bless your life as well, even just by considering the ravens.

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