Is it True?

Then they started spreading rumors and saying, “We won’t be able to grow anything in that soil. And the people are like giants. (Numbers 13:32 CEVUK00)

When the people of Israel were so close to one of the major victories in their journey, Moses sent spies to recognize the land and to have an idea how they would attack and possess what God said was theirs already. Yes God said it belonged to them but was possessed by somebody else. Many times, I should say most of the times we really are not receiving what God has already given us because we keep praying about it, when in reality we should start moving in that direction to possess what has been given to us. We all are walking in spiritual warfare and the enemy uses all the tools and resources to discourage us from our team mannerly journey. His best strategy is division. Division it’s a combine word di and vision, which gives the idea of divided vision. We must ask ourselves what vision is we following, God’s or worlds, is it my vision or God’s, and is it your vision or God’s. In this particular case, God’s vision was for his people to possess the promised land, but sadly the rumors that spread fear and discourage came from within, his own warriors were the ones saying: «we won’t be able to grow anything, the people are like giants. Allow me if you will to share three common facts about rumors:

1- To start a rumor, it’s enough one to say it and one to believe it. Most of the times we don’t even have proof of what we hear, but we believe it so easily especially if we trust in the messenger. Think for a moment, these warriors were professionals in war. They had experience and as such they gave their concept about the enemy and those who had the same desire they approved the message. It’s like when a lazy person hears that it’s going to rain; don’t even try to see if it is true, enough to hear it and decide over that news, because doesn’t want to make efforts to succeed.

2- A rumor may distract you and keep you away from your goals. When these spies came to shared what they believed, the rest of the purple started to cry. All the people didn’t see a picture in those days; smartphones didn’t exist, but smart souls, yes. Caleb and Joshua didn’t believe that they couldn’t possess, just because they look like giants, both of them were believing God. Don’t let a rumor spread even for a “sure» source, it may be all wrong. Even apostle Paul said, that if he would start to preach a twisted gospel, it would make him condemn. Rumors will stop you.

3- All rumors have part of truth and part of lie, which makes the whole rumor a lie. When these spies came to spread the news, they said something real, they were like giants. No doubt about it, tall strong men, not easy to defeat, that was the truth, but the lie, we won’t be able. We won’t? Not even trying? Let me suggest you something, every time you hear somebody saying, I can’t not even trying it’s because fear it’s possessing that mind, or perhaps yours. Stand up today and believe in God with al, your heart and He will honor your faith. God bless you.

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