Blessings for you.

Between men and God was an impossible gap to have relationship, the imperfect with the perfect, The Good One with the bad one, The Loving God and the selfish men. God solved that problem by Himself, trough His Son, Jesus, whom has pay for all the sins of humanity by presenting Himself as the perfect sacrifice. The Lord Jesus confessed «I am The Truth», I, as a man am not intending to, not even trying to encircle the truth, because the truth it is so extended that until today I believe there is no man with the knowledge of the whole truth, to know the truth is to know Jesus, and because we just know Him in part, in part we speak, in part we think, in part we imagine, in part we change day by day. I pray that God allows me to share part of the part I know, and bless in any way to any one who reads part or whole of this writings, even one soul blessed or challenged to change, by this writings will make me feel satisfied in part. Pastor Diego

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