The Little Gideon

Being the little one seems having many disadvantage. First at all, every one ate home may take advance of him. Second everyone wants to spoil him most of the time. These two activities may produce a problem in our life if we don’t learn to handle them. When Esau and Jacob, the twins were born, their mother felt that they were already fighting inside, and she was disappointed and depress, she said, because of this «if this is going to be like this, I want to die». Now God told her, that the faith in her wound was because, the last one [in this case, the second one] wants to be the first one, and for that reason, the first one would serve to the last one. Jesus said about himself, that he didn’t come to be served, but to serve, with this expression he is declaring, I am the little one, the second one, the last one, even he is the first one, he was willing to put himself at last. He washed the feet of his disciples as if he was the servant, but being the master.  We are called to be like the master, and be content with that. We must embrace his class of living serving, and never feel that someone is taking advantage of us, a servant knows that is call to serve. And after we serve, some will thank us and maybe spoiled us in some ways, still remember as followers of The Master Servant, we remain servants. Don’t allow your soul to fall in love with gratification, and give the glory to God. He will reward you in His time, which is always the perfect time.

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