Redirect Yourself

Redirect Yourself

January is almost over, all the exciment and the wishes for this year are over, is time to focus in our plans to be able to move forward and achieve the goals we planned or wish for. The definition according to Bing Ductionary for redirect is change focus: to focus actions or activities on a different objective. Allow me to suggest you that what may need to change our focus and pay more attention and invest more time in the process instead of spending much time in our objectives. Once an objective is set, solid and profitable, we need to get our senses in harmony to produce and use our resources the best we can. In spiritual realm occurs the same, our objective is the turbo of our actions. Every time we plan for something, some obstacles may appear and honestly, some times they seem unbreakable. As the traffic some times as you had experienced is redirected, even they force us to get off the freeway and drive to streets, we keep on driving to our destination, takes longer but we keep ourselves in route to our goals. Redirect yourself doesn’t mean quit, but rather use another avenue or a longer way to achieve for what you planned. Remember that God is the One who guide us to experience His life and many times He pull us out of the freeway of our desires just to show us something amazing in the alleys of His glory. Don’t be afraid, you are a treasure and has a lot of potential, don’t be frustrated because there is an accident in your way, God may be saving you from a worse thing. Enjoy redirection and learn new things. Pastor Diego

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