Blinking Red Light

Waiting in a hospital room, not knowing what will happens just the faith and the hopes that comes from the Bible. Seating in front of a window, level 6, the day was cloudy, and at night the traffic is clear. From a distance I can see a red blinking light and it seems to me that is telling me, wait, wait, wait, wait. How hard is to wait when what you waiting doesn’t depend on you, your ideas, or your strength. I can’t imagine how difficult was for Moses and the people of Israel hear the word of God telling Moses: Tell my people to seat and be still, in silence, while a whole army was coming with all it’s force to make them go back to Egypt or die. And ahead was the Red Sea, what a challenge to seat and be silent when all kind of things are going around you, things that scares you, things that would change your whole life, things that are not planned for you but you have to adjust. While I seat in a silence mode, and observe that red light blinking, telling me wait, I thank God for His mercy because if it wasn’t for Him, I wouldn’t have the peace I have, knowing that new challenges are in my way to conquer. With God all things are possible, don’t give up, wait upon The Lord and He will do. God Bless you.

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