Joshua under snow.

Today I remember the place where I lived before in Hesperia, CA in a place where the land is dry, the heat is really hot during the summer and the winds blow so strong that most of the pines I had in the land that I was living were bowing in the same direction the wind blows. Is like they were submitting to the power of the wind, but there are some trees called Joshua Tree, very still standing tree. I observe them as years went by and I have never see, not even one bowing to the wind, so when I learned the name of them I was amazed how strong they are against winds. One winter, where it gets really cold, I seen snow there before, but not like this one in this special time of the year. It was the time of a changing season and the season where the stinger trees would be put to test. Now this is very interesting, those weak to winds were strong to snow, but the ones strong to winds became weak under snow. Let me explain, the winds are words, news, bad news, and it moves the branches which represent the testimony of a living tree. A testimony is the way of person acts or talks. In other words when people hear things, news, bad news, change the way of thinking and the way if acting. So they are people weaker to news, people that don’t have convictions strong enough to sustain in the middle of many ideas and just lean to which ever is the most popular. But there are some minds that will not bend their will over words, but over emotions. This are the Joshua trees, strong to words, but weak to emotions. Now this special winter snow came with a pre-designed results. The position is this trees are like a muscle man, sanding strong and still, showing off his biceps to the spectators in this case, me. But this morning after a strong snow fell I went out with my kids and our dog to play around in the snow and this Joshua tree that was in front of our garage, had the branches that looked like its arms down and broken in half. Then I saw that even the strong people has really weak points. This Joshua tree was now submitting to the water in solid form, which represents the most deep and hard emotions to handle, like loosing something so valuable that you can’t be the same afterward. You can’t perform the same, and you must accept that this is part of your life now. This snow is falling down now, to me and maybe you. Emotion that makes you bend over the direction of the emotions hard to control. I saw that after that, the Joshua tree never ever was the same until he died. May God help you to endure your snowing season and learn to be humble to bow over the words of the Spirit. God bless you.


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