New Start

Every day at night we should meditate over what we have done, said and thought. We should realize that another opportunity is gone, the day is over and that whatever we failed to do, speak or planned we can’t do it no more because the day is over. But at the same time we have to understand ourselves why we didn’t do it, the reason or excuse why we said or didn’t said what we supposed to do or say, because the night will be over also, and at the end of the night there will be a new day, to start again and accomplish what we have intended the day before, but if we don’t deal with the problem that caused us to not do or say what we supposed, according to our plans then there is a big chance of failing again. Maybe our emotions? Can’t we handle them? We can’t control what happens outside our life, but we can learn to handle our emotions. Maybe is lack of knowledge, we can learn, maybe is lack of energy, we can start exercising, maybe we so busy over things that are not really worthy, like tv, or some other activities, maybe we like so much fun that we don’t do anything unless is fun in it. Think about how many more mornings could be there for us? Nobody knows but if you take this morning as the first one and the last one you may find a purpose to make efforts today to change the best you can. Enjoy the first of your real change, and act like if it the last one. May God help you.

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