One Flesh

We are preparing this coming weekend with another pastors a conference, about marriage, and we will be sharing about one flesh. We read in the book of Genesis 2:21-24 that God expressed that man shall leave his parents to become one with his wife. As we talked with a friend and pastor, we shared the idea of a lemonade, is not the same as water and lemon, it needs to be stir, mixed for a while until it gets the proper flavor, now if it is too much, lemon, will be too, sour or if it has too much sugar will be too sweet, so we understand that has to have a proper balance where every part provides enogh to complete the process of having a perfect lemonade, and cold of course in a summer day. Now marriage is similar, men, has his own ideas, own feelings, own visions, own plans, own perspective as women also. When we have meetings in our boards, whatever organization it is, the sharing of ideas is very important and very needed to allow every one to feel part of it, and to be part of the upcoming changes, now the problem starts when the decision is made, whos idea must be the one to take place? In marriage there are a lot if common interest, but most of the times, it seems the selfhishness arise and ego takes charge, and the battle starts becuase we cant understand why the other person is so selfish, now this is a complitcated part, because both part may be experiencing, emotions, real emotions, that are causing both to fight over a desicion, wheter for money, about education of the kids, about a house or a car, when we are in that situation, thats when we have to remember that over our priorities and personal interests, there is God, always waiting on us to give Him space to work, and He always has the better idea, anb better plans. Now in order for us to let God work, we need faith, not in the other person, but in God, that if we allow Him to operate through His word, in our hearts, we will experience what it is really, to have a marriage, guide by the Power of God, and we will see different results, and different blessings. Dont let the world conquer your heart by telling you what you should or not to do, always remember that God loves you, and He is willing to guide you as couple, so your family enjoy the full benefit of His life. God bles you.

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