New Day

Every day is a new day, but most of the time we take it for granted, and normally we bring yesterday’s worries, giving us the feeling of just another day. Some times we start the day with pain from a past day, which produce in us a new pain in a new day, from a past event. We must forgive, we must leave behind any resentments from what somebody did to me, or the guiltiness from what I have done. God’s mercies are new every morning, and with that I know that every day is a new opportunity, a new step in life to do better, to grow for good, to make changes in our lives, but it is a must to leave yesterday’s behind with all it’s attachments so we may experience a new day as it is.
There was a man that was carrying so much luggage on his trip to a high mountain, he was so prepare for any inconvenience, wheatear, for the night, over his back, folded tent, tools to hike, some knifes in case any animal, also a rifle, binoculars, even his boots were very special and add more weight to his back. The man was strong, and start his journey to an amazing adventure, go to the top to have better view. During his new journey he was using all he had, even use the rifle to defend himself from a mountain lion, he felt so good about himself. During the nights he prepared fire, and even went to a river to fish. The last day of his journey found a stretch trench, we’re it seemed hard to go trough, but he forced himself to do so, and in the process he hurt himself with the knife, and he was bleeding, he kept walking and found a little hold in the ground and needed to jump, he did and when he landed, the rifle went off and shot himself on his shoulder, but the man was determined to have a new experience, a new vision, he wasn’t willing to quit, he was really close, but wounded, finally when he was almost there, he found a small breach, made from an old fallen tree, he was so exited, there on the other side, there was the top of the mountain, his goal so close, yet so far. He intended to go over but, the tree cracked and the man went on his knees to secure himself and not fall down, he taught, all this time, could’ve been lost if a have fallen, he tried to crawl but the tree kept creaking, he was bleeding, but he wanted to have a better time, then he made a decision, «I can’t keep on going with all this weight on my back, and he threw everything away, leaving himself but nothing than his clothes, yes he stilled wounded, but now he was able to finish and went to the top of the mountain and was able to see the new sight, new vision and was able to see the new city in front of him, were all his wounds were healed. Stop carrying so much on yourself, so you can experience a new day in your life, and let the Doctor ahead of you, heal your wounds. God bless.

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