It has been a great time in the presence of The Lord; we are experiencing a new stage in our spiritual lives. As time goes by, we have to always make pauses to check ourselves not only our behavior, but the way we are doing things, at home, at church, at work or at school, no matter how old we are, it is very important to do our own self-review.

Ask questions to yourself, why am I getting late? Why I am procrastinating? What is really important to me? Is it really more important than my relationship with God?

Is it really that I am so busy that I can’t attend church regularly?

Now as we answer to ourselves we will find the reason why we feel so many times down, discourage. We must understand that our emotions are so attached to our spiritual activities, that if our spiritual activity is low, or in the wrong direction, our emotions are going to be affected by that, and we see the results as feeling bored with God. Is not that Him is not giving us sufficient, but rather because we are not receiving. In the process of giving and receiving, there is also the risk of losing something, not because we don’t want it, but because we are not capable of receive all that He has and the only way to increase in what God is giving us, is by emptying our containers, so He may pour more, because we can now receive more. Do changes, participate more, and not only attend, but sing, pray, bring your bible, let God see that you are really interested in Him and He will bless you with more and more every day.

Please feel free to praise God any time you want to. Invite others to this new experience and be friendly with those that are not having the same as you do. God will reward you, for every soul that you bring to His ways.

May God bless you all in the same measure as you seek for Him.

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