Minor Problem (Galatians 4:1-3 MSG)

I want to drive a car, I want to go places, I want my own apartment, ,make my own decisions , I want the freedom of doing what I want! His mom answers was, yes baby when you grow, but for now you still a minor under tutoring on everything until then, you can’t use all your potential.
We all remember our teenage desires, and how many dreams we had, but the reality is that many of them just faded away. At that time it seemed easy to achieve what we wanted, but as we approach real life, we found out that was not easy, but rather sacrifices to make. It is very important to understand that as long as we don’t mature, we can use the potential we have as believers in Christ. Yes the son is legally the owner of the inheritance, but until doesn’t grow, he is not different from a slave. We can’t take advantage of what God has already giving us because we can’t use His richness without self control. When we still needing the guidance or needing someone to feed us, push us, not knowing what is good or bad, we are like the kids that hate vegetables but love candies. They could have gums for breakfast and chips for dinner with coke, but mom says, no way you need vegetables. To grow we need strong teaching and preaching, but because sometimes we don’t even want to hear the truth about our attitude, we can’t grow. Let’s start walking like grown ups knowing what is really good for our spirit and life in general and use all our potential in Christ. God bless you.


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