Fears, one of the biggest forces in life that move our hearts to behave in an unimaginable ways, because create an unrealistic reality most of the times. Fear produces inexplicable emotions, that act as turbo power to makes do or not do what we can or we don’t suppose to do.

We like to know as much as we can do, that’s how senses work; knowing produces security and peace of mind. Every time we face something that we don’t know produces that feeling of insecurity and produce that lack of thinking, activities and lack of movement.

This is the force of the animal kingdom; we need to understand that even though sometimes the threats are real, we can develop a strategy to conquer our fears.

One of the biggest challenges in life is when we face changes in life. New events like marriage, new babies, new job, new home, all that creates that feeling of dealing with the unknown and most of all, the things that we can’t control. When this fact gets to our lives we have to remember that we came with no knowledge at all, we had to learn it all, even breathing was not part of our previous life in the womb of our mothers. We were protected, feed and cared by our mother through her body and finally we arrived here, nothing was already conquered, won, even tried, but day but day we have to learn to control our feelings and our emotions. We learned how to walk, run, eat natural food, but first we developed the system to eat that will support us through life, teeth. Living in fear is like having the teeth, but not willing to chew what will makes us strong once we swallow into our living system. Fear has the potential to become our force to know more about ourselves, to experience that we are more than what we thought
about ourselves. When we have fear, or better say when fear got us, we are in static mode, and all our body and mind stops and reflects our weakness, but we can conquer fear by observing our options, and develop a plan to conquer it in our mind.

Every time we have fear, we search for something to hold on to, sometimes is a friend, sometimes a hobby, even some times spiritual guidance and many times we have to accept the fact that there is nothing we can do but stand up again if we have the strength to do it and start all over again.

That power and force is our surviving instinct that pushes us up to do it again, and conquer our fears. Every time we face a new giant, a new challenge, and we conquer it, we become stronger, and in the mean time we become master of what produces us fear, before, and by that we now can help others that are living in fear. Fear once is conquered, it’s transformed intod power.

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