Our life is marked by what we have learned in life, trough parents, family, friends, culture and all that were part of our growing process, but most important thing, the words that people have told us. The best part of us depends on what we know and what we can imagine. If we can imagine something and we work for it, we can achieve it, and all that we can imagine has a source, information.

Definition of ourselves varies from eye to eye, some people will say we can, some people will say we can’t, but the most powerful opinion comes from us, do we believe we can do it? Are we willing to pay the price? Are we really interested in making a change? Transformation doesn’t come by magic, is through a process of adapting and removing, in this case in our most inner being, our mind.

The first step in a transformation, is the need of it, we must be not satisfied whit what we are, followed by the fact that we want to change, and the most important thing, that we have the power to develop that change, once we see that inside of us, our mind, then we are set to be ready for the biggest changes in our life.

The best way to achieve it is to make the decisions and have a plan, having a target in mind that will encourages to make the efforts and sacrifices to finally see the transformation between what our social environment says about us and what we believe that we are. It’s a total challenge to believe different about ourselves when the general opinion is «we can’t» and requires whole mind to prove them wrong.

We basically are what we learned through life. Our general sources are parents, family, friends, and culture. At the same time this sources will become barrels and walls, sometimes we use them as protections but walls are to protect and also to limit. Our dreams never die, they are I believe growing in desires as we get older because our main source, our own life is decreasing. These limits are set to help us but most of the time they block us to develop our full potential, we have to change the perspective about ourselves, our limitations and make a decision.

Embracing a new belief of ourselves it has to do more with what are we willing to do than what we can do. We can do, sentence makes a reference of our present while, what are we willing to do has an unlimited potential of learning and interacting with the unknown to know and masteries that knowledge or experience. A metamorphosis always requires drop out the old system to acquire a new one. It is not only about improving but transformation. We can definitely change what we reflect of ourselves by making a decision to change into what we believe we can achieve by making the sacrifices trough time and efforts to become what we believe of ourselves.

                                Pastor Diego

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