Life vs. Vanity

Two birds, singing in the morning, like nothing was going on, I stoppped for a while to see their behavior, and I didn’t notice that they were about to fight, but it was very interesting moment, two of the same kind, same nature fighting for some invisible things at least to me, but the most incredible part it was that these birds, are peaceful birds, but still they showed some kind of violence too.

One of them was like just enjoying the day, the bright morning, and suddenly the other one came over him, attacking him for nothing, I didn’t see it, but the fight started, but it was an amazing way to  respond of the one being attacked, it was like if he read the intentions of the attacker and he flew away, being followed by the other one, and was able to step out and leave the spot the other one wanted to have, why?

I can’t explain, didn’t see anything, maybe it was just like us, fighting over things that don’t matter, like position, popularity, importance, power. Jesus said, if anyone asks you for your shirt, give him you jacket also. There are things in life that really matters, like, salvation, love, peace, joy. Seek for those things, and let the world have their vanity.

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