Determined Raven

I was one day, observing a raven, he was very determined to get his food, it was a piece of bread on the ground, I was living in the dessert, and at some times, the winds are very strong, to the point that the birds can’t fly, and there it was, the determined raven. First he never lost sight of his vision, his goal, his need was there, on the ground, in some other times it could’ve been easier, but not at the times where the winds are against the will, he could’ve desist, and just forget about it, but he wasn’t willing to give it up, the bread, the purpose was so clear, and it seemed so good, that he stood over an electrical cable, bowing down, moving down his head, so the wind wouldn’t take him down. He waited for a while to see if the winds would change, but instead there were getting stronger and stronger, finally he made a decision, I have to act against the winds. How he could, he went all the way to the ground, and bowing his head so low, and walking almost in his knees, he was able to finally grab de piece of his dream, to achieve and receive for what he was waiting for, and he did it even with the winds against. Many times in life we had just forget about some things and dreams that we wanted because the facts, the circumstances were against, in other words waiting for the winds to be in our favor, but sometimes the winds will get just stronger against our dreams, and we will have to humble ourselves and keep moving to our goals. If the dream is strong enough, will make us go trough the strong wind against us. Jesus said: From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and forceful people lay hold of it. Hold and push, for what God has already placed in your heart, and never loose your vision.

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