My flesh and heart failed. Psalms 73:25-26

Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire other than you.
My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strengthf of my heart and my portion forever.

As I read this passage now, I have to agree and I have no options, my flesh and my heart fails and many ways, my strength is not what I thought, and my heart gavel me wrong feelings, and when that happens the only thing left is an empty space.

I realized that when everything here fails, thats when it seems that we lift our eyes and elevate our minds to His understanding and His wisdom to help us to go beyond our own limitations. The question knocks the door of our grief and sorrow for not achieving what we desire, a question that can’t be answered by any human mind, Whom have I in heaven but you?. Even He has many many many angels, still the question valid, Whom have I? Heaven is an unknown place, nobody have ever been able to go and come back to tell us what is there, except Jesus, the One Who came from Heaven, and He explained that up there, is The Father, to bless us and help us just exactly as loving father, there is no other help to go to Heaven but You, and when everything else keeps failing, time fails, family fails, friends fail, money fail, dreams fades, health walks away, mortality hits our door from time to time, by looking those around us to die and leave this earth, and the question still on, Whom I have? when there is nothing, nobody, all possibilities, all resources, all ideas, everything and I mean everything drops down to die, and with agony desperation I scream, Whom have I? whom have I? and I have to mention that I am nobody, who am I to have something from You? You are holy, am not, You are wise, I don’t, You are powerful, me the weak, You are the creator of knowledge, i am just a hearer of your whispering, who am I, that yo are mindful of me? the question still on, Whom have I in heave?, even I haven’t even see  the back of your presence as Moses did, I can hear the whisper in my spirit, your soft answer, with all authority, I AM, WHOM YOU HAVE, NOT FOR WHAT YOU ARE, BUT BY MY MERCY, and I said thanks. So remember all those who have received the Son, the same ones have the Father, and who ever has The Father, has everything. Be joyful about it and testify, that you have God up in heaven.

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