Through The Night.

God separate the day from the night…
When God, created the earth, was with no form, void, until the day He made the decision to speak up and commanded, light to separate from darkness, and He called darkness, night; as He called light, day. I notice that when God call something or give a name to somebody or to something He is implying his, her or its nature. For instance Tare, whom was the father of Abram, named him, Abram which means “exalted father”, in other words, nobody like you; but God renamed Abram to Abraham to tell him that he was not only exalted father but now, exalted father of multitudes. Another example is, Jacob, but God rename him, Israel.
Now to the point, God rename light, to, day and He renamed Darkness to night. Notice something interesting, darkness was already in place, having domain over the deep; even though The Spirit was upon the waters, darkness was upon the deep. Until this time, the light was in God, and until God spoke out, light was hidden, but when He spoke, power was released and immediately the process of separation occurred and now light was visible, it was what separated from darkness. Now God calls light day, it has a new nature, so it is with darkness, חשֶׁךְ choshek, which means, destruction, death, corruption, but He rename destruction, to night, לַיִל layil, which means adversity. Glory to God.

Now explanation to the point: We were living in darkness without God, and that state gave us only confusion which was the result from darkness over the creation, that’s why says it was void, without form, meaning was under confusion, because was under the destruction of the death, even though there was light, God was there and He is light, but that light was hidden in the same place were darkness was, because He was hiding the light until the time of revelation. In other words every single human been created to the image of God has already the light of God, but until the word is not heard, not reveal in the spirit of men, he still living under the power of death and destruction. But when the word is spoken in his heart, the lighting starts, confusion starts going down, and understanding it’s coming up, and the darkness inside of this man it is transform into night, which means, adversity. That’s why we fight inside out, because now we are not living under the power of death, He gave us the Revealed Living Word, Jesus, and now He help us through the night ” adversity” until the new day, arrives. Even day is a divine giving name, יוֹם yowm, Hebrew word that means, continually hot season that is in constant trouble to cause agony to its opposition, night. Glory to God. Brief summary: If you are not been in contact with the solid like concrete lighting that comes from The Word of God, in constant intimacy, then your confusions will never be transform into just adversity. Allow me to explain something; there is a big difference between confusion and adversity. I prefer to have adversity than to be confused, because a confuse mind, can’t see who is who, who is enemy and who is friend, what is good and what is bad, but adversity, gives me clear understanding of who am I, where I am going, who is my enemy, all I have to do once I am not confuse no more, is fight to my destiny. Glory to God. Let His word speak to your heart, and allow Him to rename your darkness into night.

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