Lift Up Your Hands

Our hands, instruments of many activities during our life, to eat, to work, to grab, to fight, but when it comes to worship God, lifting our hands are very important, is an act of surrendering, an act of submitting, an act of necessity, like a little kid, lifting his hands to his dad, even there is no words, just by the act, the father is moved to mercy to pick him up. See the relationship between a man and his son is so great, the strong one, it’s touch by the smiles, and tears of his little reflected image in his son.

When he sees his son, lifting his hands, immediately, goes to his need, and lift him up, to be close to his heart, to his face, the little one wants to see the eyes of his dad, so close, so he can feel so secure, and so loved by being that close.

When we lift our hands, God want to lift us up closer to Him. Another fact in this verse, is that the desire of this man, is to lift up his hands in His house, His sanctuary, the place where an intimate communion between a man and HIs God, the unique God. It wasn’t just anywhere, but His sanctuary, the place where He made His dwelling place to be with us. Remember every time you go to His house, lift your hands, and bless His name, because He is good for ever.

Bless The Lord, use your words, lifting your hands. I can’t imagine a dad, without wanting to hear the voice of his kids, even when they cry, the dad wants to know what is bothering them. So is God, He wants to hear your voice, even He knows your heart, and even He knows your thoughts before they get to your tongue, He wants to hear your voice, why? because your words are the confirmation of what you believe, and the testimony that is your heart, so the rest can hear, that in your heart, lives God. Lift your hands, bless The Lord, don’t miss the opportunity to live for Him blessing His name with your voice and your hands. God bless you.

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